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Robin is a mute but is a skilled archer that joins the Temple Mercenaries after the battle with the Black Knights and the Radnik Alliance.

Appearance Edit

Robin's noticeable appearance is that he has one red circle mark under both is eyes. He has neck length blonde curly hair.

Personality Edit

Though Robin is a mute and that he does not portray any other emotions, his actions does the talking for him.

When he joined the Temple Mercenaries, he became good friends with Ares and his group. After Mikael's betrayal, Robin put it on himself to kill his friend so that the war with Chronos and Isiris would end.

Abilities Edit

The most notable ability that Robin has is that he is an excellent wielder of the bow and arrow. This is shown when he can shoot enemies and support his friends and comrades from afar, as he was able to graze Cygnus, who was known to have excellent agility and dodging abilities. Another notable aspect is that he is very good in hiding himself amongst his enemies and penetrating through their ranks so that he could get up close to Mikael[1] to deliver a fatal blow, which severely injured Mikael after shooting an arrow that almost hit his heart[2].

Beyond the bow and arrow, Robin has no experience with a sword and would quickly throw away the sword for a bow and arrows.

References Edit

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