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Rikion is a young general from Silonica. His brash, provocative temperament puts him at odds with the Temple Mercenaries and Genesis, although Icarus tends to overlook this. Rikion's attempts to fight strong enemies are often usurped by Ares, Mikael and Baroona in comedic effect, which angers him quite often.

Appearance Edit

Rikion has a dark Mohawk and two big gold hoop earrings on both his ears. He also has a scar on the right side of his face, which runs from above the right side of his right eye to the middle of his right cheek.

Personality Edit

He is known to be very disrespectful to everyone but is shown to be kind to his men and people of Silonica. Rikion is also known to kill the innocent as an act of revenge just because the innocent was part of a kingdom that attacked Silonica[1]. He would even go as far as to want to savage and disfigure Mikael's body as an act of revenge when he was not satisfied with Mikael's death[2].

Abilities Edit

Rikion uses a weapon slightly similar to Baroona's, but his weapon has a sword connected to a chain[3] instead of two daggers connected to a chain on each ends. During combat, Rikion would use the end of the chain with the weight to wrap his opponent and immobilize them and then uses his sword on the opposite end of the chain to slash or stab his opponent[4]. He is shown to have great leadership skills as he became a general for the Kingdom of Silonica at a young age.

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