Jack, also known as One-Armed Jack or One-Armed Sunbae, is the superior and friend of Ares, Baroona, Mikael, and Gogh. He was an A-ranking member of the Temple of Mercenaries and later decides to retire from the Temple Mercenaries in order to go home and help his parents at a bakery with the promise that he would bake perfect bread for Ares to eat[1].

Appearance Edit

From his given nickname, Jack only has one arm and is missing is left arm. He has a scar across the bridge of his nose and always has a stern facial expression.

Personality Edit

Jack has a serious personality and when tasked to do something by his superiors, he would follow accordingly. Though his stern nature makes him unfriendly, he is actually a sociable person, as shown when he is with his mercenary group. Jack is also protective of his friends and comrades, even protecting lower members of the Temple Mercenaries while in combat.

But to his opponents such as Carnival, he would taunt them[2]

Abilities Edit

Even though Jack only has one arm, he is still a competent fighter as he was able to force Carnival into using two swords and clashing with him for a while[3]. He even surprises his opponents and catches them off-guard, due to their underestimation of Jack and his disability.

References Edit

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