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Kirus was the number one disciple of the Red-Eyed Swordsman, Kirberos. One day, he decided to leave the Red Eyed Swordsman and travel the world, but was attacked by the other disciples of Kirberos because they all coveted the title of the "Red-Eyed Swordsman's Number One Disciple". He was left to die[1], but surprisingly survived the attack and ever since then wanted revenge against his fellow disciples.

Appearance Edit

Kirus has long silver hair and feminine facial features. He has a slim build. He carries his sword on both is right side and left. It seen that Kirus is ambidextrous[2][3].

Personality Edit

At first, Kirus was shown to be a relaxed person, but it was then shown that he can be a cold-blooded killer. He admires his master and even paid his respects to him one last time, to tell him that he was leaving him and traveling the world, but even then he would not help him fight his adversary, Ares[4].

From Kirus's demeanor who was very hard to read, Baroona did not trust Kirus to the point that he would not let down his guard around him for fear of being attacked[5].

Abilities Edit

Under the apprenticeship of the Red-Eyed Swordsman should make him a competent warrior, but by being the number one disciple of Kirberos, Kirus is automatically a powerful fighter. He fights using a sword and is very skilled using it.

Kirus is such a skilled swordsman that he can take on multiple fighters by himself even when they are his fellow disciples of the Red-Eyed Swordsman. He is even seen toying with them, even when they are strong opponents, such as the number two disciple, Lucid[6].

It is seen that Kirus can have a high tolerance for pain as he was rammed into a wall and came out of it mentally unfazed[7]. His other notable skills was that he can jump very high and can do flips to land and appear behind his opponents.

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