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Icarus was a young general who became the youngest king of Chronos. He first commissioned Temple Mercenaries to help with the pre-emptive invasion of Minos. He hired Mikael, Baroona, Ares, and Gogh as a personal escort for the preliminary talks with the Radnik Alliance[1]. He again hired Temple Mercenaries to assist with the civil war in Chronos after the previous king was assassinated and with the war with the Radnik Alliance shortly afterwards. After the Civil War, the former king's advisers offered him the kingship.

Appearance Edit

Icarus always seen smoking a cigar and is a notorious smoker, which he can't give up because of all of the trouble that he has do deal with.

Personality Edit

Icarus is a calm, thoughtful man, respected and loved by his soldiers. He can even tolerate Rikion's taunts and informal behavior.

Abilities Edit

His skill lies with military strategy more than battle, but he fights competently when needed as he surprisingly was able to sneak up behind Carnival and mortally wound him by driving a sword into his back[2].

He also has a good eye for ability, selecting his right-hand man, Genesis, despite the man's low reputation in a school for training warriors.


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