Gogh, also known as Gohu, is an artist who joined the Temple Mercenaries because of his belief that human battles should be recorded for history to bear witness to the wars that occurred. Gogh also stated that the reason he became a mercenary was so that he could be able to draw the battlefield and one day become a great painter[1] after being inspired at a young age from an artwork in a museum[2]. Though he is not a fighter by nature, he uses his cunning and skills to survive battles, such as playing dead and tricking his opponents or hiding behind his comrades or objects.

Appearance Edit

Gogh has a simple appearance and is of slender build. He is around the same age and height as Ares, Baroona, and Mikael.

Personality Edit

To most characters, Gogh is a coward and feints death to avoid conflicts or having to fight anyone. But his most redeeming qualities are that he is a reliable friend who would come to the aid of his friends. Shown when he went to find help for Baroona and Mikael[3], both whom were fighting the elite guard for the King of Minos. He is also very protective of his friends, shown when Ares was being bullied but couldn't do anything because he was in total shock[4] after finding out about Mikael's betrayal and the destruction of the Temple Mercenary headquarters.

Though Gogh is a pacifist by nature and likes to avoid conflicts, this changes when things such as Talents or gold comes into play. Gogh's personality changes to a competitive streak during the Battle of Minos, when he found out that there would be a big sum of gold such as 2000 Talents were to be offered to the person who catches the King of Minos[5].

Abilities Edit

The greatest ability other than Gogh feinting death to avoid fighting is that he is an excellent artist. He can even paint battles while they are even occurring. Gogh is also a good sculptor as he made a monument of his friends as a memorial for the deeds they had done as Temple Mercenaries and as heroes of the Chronos and Isiris war[6].

Though Gogh is not as strong as his friends, he can keep pace with Baroona and Mikael while they were running and was even able to slide under a closing gate before it shut on top of them[7].

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