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Icarus's right-hand man. Genesis was considered unworthy at his dojo because he did not come from a great family. But Icarus notes him and decides to make him his underling although it shocks the other students and master[1]. Genesis claims that he will do what his master wants him to do: if Icarus says to win he will, and if he says to lose, he will.

He is defeated by two Death Knight leaders, Sandra/Ray/Rei, Carnival, and Esteban when he was trying to assassinate Mikael[2].

Appearance Edit

Genesis has neck length dark hair and always wears a bandanna over his forehead. He is tall and usually has a stern facial expression.

Personality Edit

It is shown that Genesis is a polite quiet person to his superiors. He is also a hard worker in that he trains diligently in secret by himself everyday, even on rest days when it is hot[3].

Genesis was even shown to be a reliable comrade at arms, for his valor and courage for self-sacrifice as he was able to buy enough time to save Icarus and the Kingdom of Chronos.

Abilities Edit

At first, Genesis was an under-rated swordsman in a school that trained warriors and that due to his family background, he was considered just merely another warrior. But in actuality, he is a swordsman with hidden potential, as shown when he swiftly defeated his fellow senior disciple, Deko[4]. He even fought exceptionally well by himself against Esteban and four of Mikael's personal bodyguards, such as Carnival, for whom complimented him for his fighting ability[5].

To add to his overall prowess, he was hired to be Icarus' right-hand man and body guard. At the same time, he was an efficient second in command who would relay all of Icarus' order to the entire troops of Chronos on the battlefield.

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