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Esteban, who was from a foreign country, escaped to Isiris after the death of the love of his life[1], Gloria, and killing the soldiers who were sent to capture all young women to be forced into their princes' harem[2]. After Esteban escaped to Isiris, he wandered until he met Danny and his family. He then became the best friend of Danny, whose family even considered Esteban as a part of their family.

Appearance Edit

Esteban has wild hair that he grows out on the back and sides of his head. His face usually exhibits a calm yet cold facial expression that rarely shows any emotion.

Personality Edit

Seen to be very protective of those he cares about, that being Gloria and his close friend, Danny. Esteban did what ever he could in his power to protect Gloria from army soldiers and bounty hunters[3].  He even tried to keep Danny safe after being conscripted into the Isiris army during the war between Chronos and Isiris, because Danny was not a fighter. To further the fact that Esteban cared deeply for his friend was that when Danny was killed by Ares, Esteban went into enemy lines to pursue Ares.

Abilities Edit

At a young age, Esteban defeated his master and was excommunicated from his sect[4]. He even was able to kill soldiers of his corrupt kingdom and bounty hunters who were sent to track him down.

His skills are shown when Esteban effectively utilized dual swords at the same time to attack his opponents. His strategy is shown to confuse his opponents by changing the pattern of attacks. He does so by either thrusting or slashing with his swords[5]. He can even spin his swords at high speeds to further confuse his opponents[6].

He can even fight against Genesis, who was Icarus' right hand man, albeit the fact that Genesis was also fighting other elite warriors of the Kingdom of Isiris. But proof of his fighting abilites is shown on the battlefield when Esteban fought Chronos soldiers, while at the same time protecting Danny in the on-going chaos. His true fighting abilities was even pushed to the limit when he fought against Ares, who is powerful swordsman in his own right.

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