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Cygnus is the son of a deceased Daraakian general whose family fell from nobility to lower class[1]. He loves a girl named Sara. He fought with great skill to protect her from the Black Knights, but their leader threatened her safety if he did not join them. He is defeated by Ares during the war with the Radnik Alliance. Ares spares his life when he discovers that Cygnus also has a girl waiting for him[2]. However, Mikael murders the defenseless exhausted Cygnus after Ares leaves him[3].

Appearance Edit

Cygnus has wild rusty reddish-brown hair and has an emotionless face. He has a slender build and long legs. Compared to most characters, Cygnus always prefers to walk barefooted everywhere and is always shoeless. He has two bangles on each of his ankles, which always jingles when he walks.

Personality Edit

Cygnus displays pacifist behavior early into his story, but he is very protective of Sara[4]. His father was killed in a war with Chronos, and his late mother raised him to hate all Chronosians[5]. He still has nightmares about her and may be mentally unstable because of that.

Abilities Edit

Seen from his first appearance, Cygnus has above average endurance in that he was able to fight the 6th Regiment of Daraak for a couple of hours by himself, using only his signature weapon the spear that he inherited from his father. He is also a highly skilled fighter in that he killed over 100 regular soldiers from the 6th Regiment[6] and that 10 captains of the Black Knights had to subdue him[7]. Due to his overall prowess, he was forcefully recruited into the Black Knights to fight against the Kingdom of Chronos.

Beyond his fighting ability with the spear, he exhibited amazing reflexes, as he was able to even parry away an arrow shot by Robin, and extraordinary speed that surprises many of his opponents, even Icarus complimented him saying that he was quick as lightning[8]. He is called the Black Swan under the Black Knights army because his movements are like a swan[9]. He leaps high and is noted to be very acrobatic, that which he combines with lethal kicks to any of his opponents face.

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