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Carnival was previously an A-Rank soldier for the Temple Mercenaries and their top fighter. He was nicknamed "Bloodmaster"[1]. Carnival joins an ex-general of Chronos, Shion, and creates with him a bandit group[2]. Carnival meets with the Temple Mercenaries again when they are hired to destroy the bandit group. Carnival nearly kills One-Arm Jack when he is stopped by Mikael who fights with him while the rest of the Temple Mercenaries go onward to fight Shion. Carnival is narrowly defeated by Mikael, who spares his life causing Carnival to be in Mikael's debt while at the same time revering him[3].

Carnival is later recruited by Mikael to be part of his personal guard, and is ultimately fatally injured by Icarus and killed by Baroona[4].

Appearance Edit

Carnival's most significant facial mark is that he has a scar going down from his lower left eye, crossing his lips, to the middle of his chin. He has unruly unkempt hair and has a slender build.

Personality Edit

He was known to be merciless and was kicked out the Temple Mercenaries for killing a comrade over a trivial matter[5]. Carnival is known to follow those he deemed as powerful warriors and would without a doubt follow orders accordingly, be it that fighting a foe or killing innocents.

Abilities Edit

Carnival uses two swords and a manic fighting style that reflects his savage nature.

Carnival often times battles with only one sword but will battle those who he deems as worthy adversaries with two swords. He is a ruthless skilled swordsman, who was able to kill five A-class Temple Mercenaries in he blink of an eye[6]. Carnival was able to battle and defeat One-arm Jack[7] and can even exchange swords and push Mikael back.

Even though he was defeated by Mikael, Mikael wanted Carnival to be his subordinate due to his skill and blood lust.

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