Baroona born into slavery was the champion Gladiator in Daraak. After tirelessly fighting in the ring for many years, he suddenly disappeared and ran off to Chronos, where he joined the Temple Mercenaries. He fights and is very skilled with what appears to be two knives which are connected by a long rope, a weapon called the Double-Dagger Rope Dart[1].

Apearance Edit

Baroona has a slender build and short dark black hair. He is usually seen smoking a cigarette with his hands in his pocket. In and out of combat he always has an apathetic facial expression, that makes him appear aloof to other characters.

On his back is a Daraakian slave tattoo[2].

Personality Edit

Baroona is very laid back and is the calm middle ground between the personalities of Ares and Mikael. That is, he is more sensible than Ares and more sane than Mikael. This is shown in the Battle at Minos when he would not kill soldiers who surrendered, unlike Mikael[3].

He has a stoic kind heart and is always there for his friends, even if it meant that he may have to sacrifice himself to save a friend[4].

Abilities Edit

Known to many in Daraak as the champion Gladiator, Baroona is a hardened experienced fighter who has fought for his life for many years in the ring, where a person can only come out dead or alive.

Baroona acquired his techniques and weapon from his master, a former gladiator who he sadly had to kill in a duel in the Daraak Gladiator Stadium[5]. Baroona is very accomplished with the "hard to master" weapon to the point that he can attack his opponents from different angles and swiftly incapacitate his opponents. Though he is highly skilled in his signature weapon, his prowess with the sword is average at best against seasoned fighters.[6]

Baroona is skilled with the Double-Dagger Rope Dart, a weapon similar to that of Rikion's chain sword. In close quarter combat, Baroona would use his double daggers with proficiency, either stabbing or slashing his enemies. Though in long range combat, he would throw his daggers via swinging them at unpredictable high speeds and by using the force of the swing, he can critically wound his opponents. The skill at which he throws his daggers have been known to even penetrate armor of the Elite Guards of Minos[7].

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